Patek Philippe Models and Reference Number Guide

An easy reference guide to Patek Philippe model numbers. Whether you’re a novice in the world of Patek Philippe or simply seeking to explore their various watch models, our comprehensive guide to Patek Philippe Models and Reference numbers. Generally, Patek Philippe categorizes their watches in the following collections,

Discover our comprehensive reference guide to Patek Philippe model numbers, designed to demystify the world of exquisite timepieces. Whether you’re a newcomer or a watch enthusiast, our user-friendly guide offers valuable insights into Patek Philippe’s diverse watch models and reference numbers. Explore the renowned collections that define Patek Philippe’s legacy, from classic to contemporary designs. Patek Philippe organizes their watches into the following collections.

  • Grand Complications
    – The pinnacle of horological mastery with the most complex functions.
  • Patek Philippe Complications
    – Beautifully functional timepieces.
  • Calatrava
    – Basic and classic starting range
  • Gondolo
    – Vintage inspired art deco range
  • Golden Ellipse
    – Perfect harmony of proportion shape inspired by the perfect ratio.
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus
    – Iconic symbol of luxury sports watches.
  • Patek Philippe Aquanaut
    – Modern sports watch for adventurers
  • Twenty 4
    – Elegant and versatile watches for women.
  • Patek Pocket Watches
    – Preserving heritage in pocket-sized timepieces.

Each Patek Philippe model collection comprises a diverse range of reference numbers. These reference numbers correspond to specific styles, materials, and features of the watches.

Patek Philippe Reference Numbers
The reference number of a Patek Philippe watch often plays a significant role in determining its value during purchase or sale. This number, along with other considerations, provides valuable insight into the worth of a Patek Philippe timepiece.

Patek Philippe reference numbers typically commence with the digits; 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.

Men’s watches – Starts with 3, 5 or 6.

Women’s watches – Starts with 4 or 7

The second digit of the reference number usually corresponds to the respective collection. For instance, the Aquanaut’s number is 1, while the Nautilus bears the number 7. Consequently, the first digit indicates whether the watch belongs to the men’s or women’s collection, while the second digit signifies the specific watch model.

Characteristics of Reference Numbers
The subsequent digits within the reference number denote specific attributes and features of the watch. Although not an absolute rule, certain reference numbers tend to align with particular characteristics. Here are a few examples of reference numbers and the features they may represent:

  • 96: Patek Philippe Calatrava with a flat bezel
  • 30: Patek Philippe World Time
  • 500: Engraved case
  • 1: Watch with a metal bracelet
  • 600: Watch with an enamel or lacquer case
  • 400: Watch with a gem-set case
  • 300: Case adorned with baguette-cut gems
  • 50: Watch with a decorated dial
  • 700: Gold or gemstone case
  • 900: Watch with a combination of special features

It is worth noting that certain reference numbers may contain a dash followed by three additional numbers, which signify the type of dial featured in the watch.

Letters in Reference Numbers Patek Philippe employs letters in its reference numbers, with each letter denoting the watch material. The following letters represent specific materials:

  • P – Platinum
  • T – Titanium
  • R – Rose gold
  • J – Yellow gold
  • G – White gold

Patek Philippe has a unique approach to reference numbers, unlike many other watch manufacturers. While some brands have a clear system where each digit and position signify specific information about the watch, Patek Philippe’s reference numbers are not as extensive. While there are exceptions for special or unique models, Patek Philippe’s reference numbers offer a simpler identification system that may not provide as much detailed information but still distinguishes each watch.