De Bethune DB25 GMT Starry Varius

 De Bethune DB25 GMT Starry Varius

For those seeking an escape from the conventional world of watches, De Bethune offers a refreshing and innovative alternative. The De Bethune DB25 GMT Starry Varius presents a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and groundbreaking technology, ideal for those weary of the typical chronographs, annual calendars, and moonphase watches.

In order to maintain its extreme level of excellence, De Bethune has a very low annual production of 150-200 watches per year. Since its 20 years if history, it has only produced slightly over 3,000 watches. In 2021, Watchbox acquired a majority stake in the De Bethune brand. 

The De Bethune DB25 GMT Starry Varius boasts a “sphere hand” GMT indicator, while the lower dial displays De Bethune’s exquisite representation of the Milky Way, captured in a captivating starry sky design.

De Bethune’s creations are renowned for their unique and striking features. From the mesmerizing spherical moon phases and star-studded dials to the ergonomic floating lugs and sleek titanium cases, each element is a testament to the brand’s inventive spirit.

 De Bethune DB25 GMT Starry Varius

We are excited to introduce the De Bethune DB25 GMT Starry Varius, a masterpiece encased in titanium. This watch is not just a timekeeper; it’s a showcase of De Bethune’s horological ingenuity, featuring five patented innovations:

1. Self-Regulating Twin Barrel
A 2004 De Bethune innovation ensuring optimal energy management for enhanced watch accuracy.

2. Titanium Balance Wheel with White Gold Inserts
Patented in 2016, this balance wheel exemplifies De Bethune’s commitment to precision and durability.

3. ‘De Bethune’ Balance-Spring with Flat Terminal Curve
A 2006 patent, this balance-spring is designed for exceptional timekeeping performance.

4. Microsphere Day/Night Indicator in Rose Gold and Blued Steel
Echoing the artistry of the spherical moon phase, this 2004 patented feature adds a touch of elegance.

5. Triple Pare-Chute Shock-Absorbing System
A 2005 innovation, offering unparalleled protection against impacts.

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